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For iPhone and Android phone users

  • Open the PhoneTel mobile call app.
  • Sign in.
  • Select the contact number.
  • Call via internet or local access number

Via Access Number

If you want to use PhoneTel via access number follow these steps:

  • Please dial the access number for your country.
    Eg: To call from Austria dial 012274565.
  • You will get a long dial tone where you can dial your destination number.
    (If you receive a different message, please contact our support team!)
  • Please enter the number you wish to dial, with country code and area code.
  • Now wait, without pressing any key. You will be connected to the dialed number.
  • Disconnect when completed.
  • It is much easier if you use our android / ios mobile application.

Voice over IP

With PhoneTel VoIP service, you can use your broadband connection to make phone calls at cheap PhoneTel rates.

These are the configuration data for your VoIP account

  • Username / Account
    (See at the confirmation of your order, Format: 4372072xyyy).
  • Password
    (See at the confirmation of your order).
  • You can receive incoming calls as in a normal phone.
  • You need a static IP address.
  • This can be configured on your mobile app as well.

Special services available in Austria


PhoneTel 'Preselection' is for customers having a physical telephone connection from Telecom Austria. With PhoneTel Preselection, all the outgoing telephone calls will be AUTOMATICALLY routed and billed through our low cost PhoneTel network.


  • No need to dial PhoneTel access number.
  • You retain your telephone number and handset.
  • No registration fee or monthly charges.
  • Exact per second billing from the first second onwards.
  • No minimum call charges.
  • No additional equipment needed.

Download Postpaid Registration Form

Call by Call

To use PhoneTel with Call by Call follow these steps:
Dial 1025 plus the number, you wish to call (including prefix).


  • Dial: 1025 01 2274555.
  • If you want to call the number 0049 121 111 222 in Germany, Dial: 1025 0049 121 111 222.
  • If you want to call the mobile number 0699 11223344, Dial: 1025 0699 11223344.
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As a constant traveller, Phonetel has saved me lots of efforts and money to be always in contact with my family and colleagues. It really is so easy and simple.
- N M Martin


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